Empire has a facility in its 100000 sqft site in special economic zone (SEZ) at FAB city, Hyderabad, India with the present capacity of 35 MW and would be expanded to 100 MW to its current capacity. The facility is about 5 miles away from the International airport at Shamshabad, Hyderabad and is well connected through road for its easier material movement and other logistics.

Some of the features of the facility include:

  • Well illuminated, dust free environment for entire process – from raw material issue to PV module packing.
  • Temperature controlled environment through air/vacuum chambers at the facility entrance.
  • 10,000 sq ft of raw material and finished storage - Critical materials like EVA, back sheet and RTV, etc are stored in a temperature and humidity controlled environment.
  • 10,000 sq ft of lobby, employee change rooms with well maintained head gear and clothing for maintaining the standards at the facility.


Empire has sophisticated machinery at its facility for each of the operation performed during the entire PV module manufacturing process.

Tabber/stringers – XCELL X2 from Komax solar.


  • High throughput.
  • High yield.
  • Maintenance free, produces perfect strings with a gentle motion for thin cell handling.
  • Closed-loop induction soldering.
  • Less contamination of cell with non-contact fluxing method.
  • Offloading in trays, lay-up on glass or integrated in matrix assembly system.

Auto layup is done through GL 30 robot systems integrated to XCELL X2 from Komax solar.


  • High throughput.
  • High accuracy on string placement.
  • Reliability vision inspection.
  • Flexibility system to meet varying product demands.
  • Small footprint and increased run-time.

Inline pre-lamination EL inspection of PV matrix.


  • Evaluation of modules for micro cracks and inactive areas providing the chance to do rework where necessary.
  • High resolution solar cell and solar matrix images for highlighting micro cracks and small defects.
  • Flexible machine to match ever changing process demands.

Best in class oil heating laminators.


  • Uniformity in temperature over the entire surface of the platen.
  • Online monitoring of platen temperatures at various points.

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